Zimbabwe Give-Me-A-Book Campaign

Dear comrades and friends – countrymen and countrywomen – lend me your ears for a minute; for we surely can do something together to help the children of our country have a chance to own a book to read. There are many books that lie like dead and silent tombs in our houses that, if resurrected, could help to shape a vibrant reading culture in our beloved village of Zimbabwe. We need to dig up such books from our homes and give them away to those that do not have access to books like the little orphaned and vulnerable children in many parts of our land. Every child in Zimbabwe must be given an opportunity to own a book, and the solution lies at our doorstep. Access to books is every child’s right and a long-term investment for the future.

Having said that, let me take this opportunity to introduce the Zimbabwe Give-Me-A Book Campaign. The Zimbabwe Give-Me-A-Book Campaign is nationwide effort with a single mission: to give children the opportunity to read and own books. The primary goal is to collect and distribute books to children who, for socio-economic reasons, have little or no access to books. Our objective is to promote literacy, life-long learning and understanding by distributing donated books and other forms of educational media to orphaned and disadvantaged children.

Due to the socio-economic problems facing the country today, books have become of least priority to most citizens. Making matters worse, most of our people lack access to high quality library services. Yet the ability to read fluently is the single most important predictor of a child’s success both in school and in later life.

The rate of our children growing up with low literacy skills is increasing and will inevitably become a national problem if not addressed. In many parts of the country, children have little or no access to any form of reading material to support their learning. In addition, school infrastructure and equipment may be in such poor condition, or in such short supply that the acquisition of effective reading skills is hampered.

In view of this, Zimbabwe Give-Me-A-Book Campaign aims to give an equal chance to read a book to all children in the country. The vision is to bring books to every child in Zimbabwe, through book donations, mobile libraries and the construction of wired libraries throughout the country. Children, regardless of their race, colour, gender or religion, have a right to a book to read. Without reading, the brains of our children go dead. The spark of their imaginative spirits becomes dimmed; and in the process the God-given potential of a child is weakened. And we all lose as a people.

Zimbabwe Give-Me-A Book-Campaign will seek out needy schools, orphanages and other disadvantaged communities that urgently require the assistance of books to read. All contributions that will be made to needy organizations will be carefully monitored to ensure that children are the ultimate beneficiaries. Donated books will be rigorously selected and evaluated to ensure that appropriate reading materials that advance learning and reading enjoyment are given to the children.

Zimbabwe Give-Me-A-Book Campaign seeks to build a society of people who are capable and enthusiastic readers, and who can use their literacy to make a difference in their lives and livelihoods.

The Zimbabwe Give-Me-A Book-Campaign programme will be based primarily on the principle of giving books to children that cannot afford to buy them. It is only through giving to those that are less privileged that we can build our society. A spirit of giving will be required to make the programme a success.

Books are very special in that they help to expand the imagination of little children, thereby preparing them to make a greater and better contribution to society. Zimbabwe Give-Me-A-Book Campaign is based on the assumption that people are the common denominator of progress in any nation. With an unimproved people, no improvement is possible. Advancement is certain when people are liberated and educated.

Literacy offers one of the most effective tools and opportunity to encourage people to be architects of their own development.  Zimbabwe Give-Me-A-Book Campaign firmly believes that acquiring good literacy practices and skills can help both children and adults to function more effectively in their daily lives. It can also help individual to independently contribute to the growth of their communities. Literacy is the key to development.

Zimbabwe Give-Me-A-Book Campaign will therefore seek to place books in the hands of disadvantaged children with the aim of encouraging them to read and learn. Books can play a key role in helping individuals to rise up out of their unfortunate circumstances.

Zimbabwe Give-Me-A-Book Campaign model will be national in scope and local in impact. The long-term vision of the programme will be to build libraries equipped with computers in the most disadvantaged communities in the country. The involvement of children themselves cannot be over-emphasized. Children will be expected to participate at all decision-making levels of the campaign. Community participation is key in enhancing the ownership and sustainability of the programme at local level. Involvement of the communities will include working with religious organizations, schools, and traditional community leaders such as community heads.

Zimbabwe Give-Me-A-Book Campaign can only function in atmosphere of unity. We are therefore calling on our government, non-governmental organizations, church leaders, the business community and all the people of our beloved Fatherland to help us get to put a book in the hands of that little child. If you are interested in supporting or participating in this innovative programme, please send an email to: biriwasha.m@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “Zimbabwe Give-Me-A-Book Campaign

  1. I pledge my support for this campaign. The current socio-economic problems in Zimbabwe have certainly robbed children of their right to education. Donors that used to donate books to poor, disadvantaged children have pulled out of the country. It is left to us Zimbabweans to make sure that these children have books to read. Let’s use this innovative initiative to begin preparing a brighter future for Zimbabwean children. They carry the hope of the nation and all our future aspirations.

  2. This is a great blog for an urgent and important cause. It’s good to see there are Zimbabweans who are actually doing something to make this a better land

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