The IPS Method

ipsMY inner search for a job that is in tune with my style has been sending me on voyages of all kinds online. In fact, just writing that, I feel I have hit somewhere: being online for me is a trip. I get transported into so many worlds. And its always an intelectual feast to find something compelling, well written and presented.

While there is no doubt that the internet is the greatest available real estate for all human beings, the only way to make your real estate count is to make it beautiful. It boils down to format, tone, language, design, reliability, presentation, consistency. The old qualities, the traditional stuff that made print media what it became in our daily lives are still very important to the new age type of communication.

Anyway, the purpose of this blog today is to share with you a site that I bumped into during my visits online. First, a disclaimer. After years of wanting to get into publishing school and not getting there, and feeling so torn inside about it I feel that there is a seismic shift happening inside me.

An unearthing of some sort. Maybe its because I havent been writing that much. Bu whatever it is, I am beginning to get drwan towards corporate communications. I have been in the non-profit sector ever since I entered the work world, and to be frank, its all been hogwash.

We are not really ready to make a difference particulalrly we, the so called development professionals. Its all about playing the game to make money, and most of us have no real passion to make a difference to people’s lives. Suffice to state that I am convinced that I can fir into the communications fields. And the good thing is that it is not so far from publishing which I have always wanted to do for so many years. So where am going with all this; today I found a site that frame the whole idea of social communications in a new sort of way.

According to Institute of Public Strategies’ (IPS) initial projects focused primarily on the effective use of media advocacy, demonstrating the power of this tool for elevating an issue on the public agenda and for helping community members find their voice to participate in public discussion and debate.   Its their method which appealed to me: it can be applied anywhere, but it does not assume that all communities are the same.  All decisions are made locally.   It is entirely culturally sensitive.

“The IPS METHOD includes both the multi-component planning and implementation model as well as guidance on design considerations for building a supporting environmental prevention system to ensure sustainability. Key system components typically include integrated training and technical assistance, on-going measurements, a process for creating or choosing qualified staffing, and other considerations.”

What can I say, I learned something today.

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