The Beauty Of Disillusion

Disillusionment  in life is real, and we never for when it strikes because it has the antics of the proverbial thief in the night. In a way, it gathers its strength like snow which falls in flakes and goes knee-high over an elongated period of time and that’s only when you realize that you have a problem of being gridlocked in your life. Disillusionment in life is when you find yourself asking the question, “Is this worth it?” or “How the heck the I end up here?”
If not resolved it can have negative spiritual, physical and social repercussions. But, fact of matter, life is a journey, and disillusionment, too, is part of the passage which we must first embrace in order to deal with it. If used appropriately, the detour offered by disillusionment is the beginning of an awakening to spiritual openness and greater enjoyment of our short stint on earth. Continued disillusionment in your life could be a wake up call to redesign your life, and act out of the depth of your being, free from the illusions that may be the reason why you find yourself a victim of disillusion in the first place.
However, when disillusionment sets in, everything can becomes gray and dark like the sky on a mid-winter day. Being disillusioned can be corrosive to say the least: it can feel as if acid is being poured down your soul making you prone to cynicism, depression and other maladies.
It speaks of a loss of vision, dreams, passion, and a general lack of belief in the process of life. Disillusionment can be accompanied with a sense of emptiness and brokenness.
Still, dis-illusion-ment suggests a shedding of some sort, a loss of some perception, and can be difficult to go through it. It could range from loss of a belief in an ideal that previously directed your life or a loss of innocence about human existence. After all, perceptions or illusions guide our lives and when these fall apart due to whatever reason, a void opens in our lives baying for attention.
To be disillusioned is somewhat a paradox. It is to be free from illusion, belief, idealism, etc.; it is to be disenchanted; and yet the gap that the loss of illusion leaves behind can be clouded in smoke that can potentially choke out the life in you. Basically, when you are disillusioned it can prove difficult to find anything to belive in – in other words you live life like an empty gong. The parameters that once defined your life will have fallen away. On the one hand, loss of illusion is a positive thing particularly in today’s society where we are constantly bombarded by imagery of what we ought to be, and how are lives ought to look like. The great question is how to pick up the pieces when things fall apart so that you emerge a winner of the disillusionment.
Naming disillusionment as such is such a key step; as they say, calling things by their name is the first step of wisdom. In oder to work through disillusionment, you must first accept that whatever perceptions previously defined your world, whatever made it a neat and ordered place no longer holds water and  new frameworks need to be found and nurtured. This could mean the loss of both naïvety and innocence, and a willingness to fight for your own space, that is, nothing short of a paradigm shift.
Simply put, the way out of disillusionment is to redefine ourselves and our purpose in this life. We have to unbind ourselves for the sleep-wakefulness, and become awake to our essential being. Instead of looking out for a source of encouragement, look deep within. Once you become empowered by a belief in yourself, you see disillusionment for what it really is, reality. And then you can begin to find ways to rebuild your world.

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