Confession On A Music Note

Thus began the music note: sweet and serene

like the tip-tap

of a baby’s foot

till it split and splattered across the gaze of my conscious

and then gathered itself again,

tumbling within itself

as softly as clods of cloud on a summer-morn

and left me hanging on a lightning edge

with clotted desire that dissolved the chaos within my veins:

exploding and blending worlds in its wake; its roots

striking deep, searching all my soft places

so, i cupped my hands, and

grabbed onto the wings of the note

to keep it forever

never had i heard such a note before

it felt like jabs of honey in the core of my ears

giving birth to multiple orgasms,

then it quieted into that silence that marks

the minute of death

with a suddenness that jolted me

into this confession on a music note


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