Content In the Internet Age

IT’S official: our age has become information-driven and borderless. Knowledge is the currency to stay ahead of the game. And the channels to acquire that knowledge have opened up over the past decade or so, of course, thanks to the Internet. The downside of it is that information has become so widely available that it’s very easy to get swamped and lost.

Thus the democratization of content creation and sharing which has been cultured by the Internet has also resulted in a lot of junk. It is quite a paradox, but a beautiful one at that. It just means that in the information age, all of us are expected to exercise our democratic right of discretion. By understanding that information and knowledge are no longer the domain of ivory towers, we set ourselves free to consume that which adds meaning and has value to our lives.

The Babel which is the Internet can indeed contribute to an expanded experience of being human, only if we choose the conversations that we want to be a part of very carefully. That is why trust is increasingly becoming an important element of the web information framework. However, a key danger is that by only exposing ourselves to information sources that speak our language or thoughts, we can end up quite myopic. Hence, the need to also open ourselves to sources of information that may be in complete opposition to our beliefs.

Whatever the case, as more people become exposed to information and demand for quality information, it will be imperative for content providers and creators to become more conscious of what they are putting out.


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