Online Journalism Is About Basics: Storytelling

Granted, the online environment has introduced new ways that journalists can create, share and disseminate information.

In recent months, I have felt rather unnerved by the proposition that online and print journalism are 100 percent different. While I appreciate that the environments of information are different, I would like to believe that the old basics of storytelling remain relevant and similar to both mediums.

What an online and print journalism ought to have in common is the passion to tell a story without fear or favour. Good storytelling is the bedrock of journalism. The purpose of both print and online journalism is to journal the world, only that the presentation of the information may be different.

The web, per se, has obviously changed the workflow process. And herein I think lies the key. Online journalism has a different workflow from print journalism altogether. And the web in general has opened up new opportunities for people to be able to tell compelling stories.

In addition, there is room for more personalized engagement with content in the online environment.

But truth of the matter is, even if attention spans are short online, what can only grab them is certainly not the technological environments but compelling, interesting, educative, well-researched journalism.

Definitions matters and now more than ever so that we don’t fall into the trap of quaint anachronisms.


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