Access to connective technologies

By Chief K.Masimba| Global Editor At-Large

INCREASING access to connective technologies is critical to ensuring the full impact of new technologies on societies, according to experts at the World Press Freedom Day conference in Washington DC, United States.

According to the experts new technologies have to work hand in hand to enhance democracy, particularly in countries where it is suppressed. “We have to move forward, we’ve to take a risk.

If we lose internet freedom, we lose the battle,” said Dr Quan Nguyen. Rasha Abdulla, Associate Professor at the American University in Egypt said that training is very critical to ensure the safety of activists and bloggers that utilize social media to advance democracy.

“We need more training for bloggers and people who use Twitter. For example, if you’re using Twitter and you fear your life is in danger, you must block the GPS location,” said Abdulla.

“Long before social media tools were available journalists faced severe threats so the threats that people who use social media face are not new threats. It’s a fight that has always been going on. There are courageous people that inspire,” said Steven Buttry, Director of Community Egagement, at the Georgetown University.

Andy Carvin, Senior Strategist, Social Media Desk at the National Public Radion in US, new social media tools were not a threat to journalism but could rather develop the effectiveness of journalism.


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