Mbira maestro Taku Mafika returns home

By Chief K.Masimba Biriwasha

 MBIRA maestro, Taku Mafika, is back in the country from a two month music and study tour in Europe where he held performances in Germany and Poland.

Mafika, who specializes in playing the nyunga nyunga mbira instrument, was based in Germany for training in new media competency.

“I feel like I have grown as a musician because the audiences that I was performing for were so mesmerized, and they fell in love with the way that I played the mbira,” said the singer-songwriter. “I was so inspired to see European audiences get up and dance in appreciation of my work. Sometimes, they even sang along to some of my songs.”

Mafika added that the musical and study tour had changed his perspective on how to use new media to expand the reach of his music.

“New media will help me to reach a more global audience, and hopefully get me noticed by record companies and promoters from around the world. I want to encourage other mbira players and musicians to take advantage of the Internet and media techniques, one can be an International artist and get easily marketed globally”, he said.

He said that performing for a foreign audience and witnessing the response to his music made him realize the worth of his potential.

“I realized that I have so much talent within me that can get people dancing. Previously, I underestimated the power of music but after this trip I got to appreciate that music can connect you to people and you can make a big difference to their lives,” he said.

Mafika said that he is currently working on a new album titled “Black to Colour” which will consist of a fusion of African and European instruments.

He said that thematically album will focus on issues of hope, love and happiness. He said that he will collaborate with musicsians that he encountered during his tour in Europe in the compilation of songs on the album

One of the songs that will feature on the album titled “One World, One Future,” which features some Polish and German musician is already available on the popular video streaming website, YouTube.

Taku Mafika will play his homecoming concert at the Mannenberg alongside his band Tru bantu on Thursday night.

“I am inviting all my lovely fans to come and enjoy the homecoming show with us, i have a few surprises and gifts for all my fans who will be there,” said Mafika.


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