Ten Years From Now opens in Harare

By Chief K.Masimba Biriwasha

Harare, Zimbabwe – A new play titled “Ten Years From Now” which is a satiric take on the experiences of top players in a fantastical futuristic Zimbabwe government was officially launched at Theatre in the Park on Tuesday.

“Picture the indigenization policy a success and our black brothers flourishing as they enjoy majority shareholding in diamond, uranium and several companies.  Imagine the country becoming the bread-basket of Africa once again, exporting grain, meat, and other farming products all over the world because they are not GMOs and illegal immigrants from South Africa are coming to look for work here,” read a statement about the play.

The play, which features some of the leading male actors in Zimbabwe including, Jasen Mphepho, Daves Guzha, Brian Mudyiwenyama, and Walter Muparutsa opened to a capacity crowd that titillated and clapped throughout the approximately two-hour showcase.

Stephen Chifunyise and Raisedon Baya co-wrote the play which is essentially an artistic and futuristic portrayal of a Zimbabwe with a leadership not a dictatorship but still ridden with internal contradictions.

“I think the most of the things that are happening now including nepotism, political favoritism are project in the play as thing that will be happening in the next ten years. The only new thing in the play was the diamond setting and that there will be a female president. I did enjoy the comic relief provided by the play but actually the play does not really offer anything new,” said one fan interviewed by the NewsDay.

The play posits a scenario in which Zimbabwe will be a leading political and economic player and an envy on many nations around the world. While the acting was quite compelling, thematically, the play could have expanded its worldview by expanding its scope beyond merely focusing on the wheeling and dealings of political players. In effect, the play’s projected future state did not proffer any compelling ideas expect that black people, mainly men, will be in control of the country’s wealth, albeit with contradictions and conflict.

“Ten Years From Now” will run at Theatre in the Park  until the 19 June. The play is co-directed by award-winning directors Patience Tawengwa and Daves Guzha as a way of bringing old school and new school experiences, ideas and energies together so as to give the old school cast a good reason for their come back and theatre buffs a good run for their money.


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