Pastor G Working On New Project

Gospel musician, Stanley Gwanzura, popularly known as Pastor G. revealed that he is currently working on a new album project which will primarily focus on resuscitating hope, love and dreaming again in Zimbabwe.

In an exclusive interview, Pastor G, who is now based in Botswana, said that hope had been dashed in Zimbabwe mainly due to the decade-long socio-economic crisis in the country.

“The main message in the album I’m working on is about to dream again, to love again, to hope again. The aim is to encourage Zimbabweans to dream again,” said the singer-songwriter who was born again in 1984.

“People need to start dreaming again and look beyond their potential. When you dream big, you go beyond your intentionality. The album is targeted at confronting fear and dreaming big. The past decade has influenced a dog-eat-dog situation – everything had become about me, myself and I. “

Pastor G, one of the major pioneers of urban gospel grooves in Zimbabwe, said that his musical journey had not be an easy one, and he had to confront naysayers who doubted the appeal of his youthful, urban sound. He said that what made him survive the industry was his sense of calling.

“A lot of artists don’t have a sense of calling. Unfortunately, with gospel you can’t run away from a sense of calling. You’ve to do it for God; you can’t do it for money alone. Money is important but it’s not the crux of the matter,” he said, adding that worship music should be an outflow of a musician’s encounter with God, and not merely a conceptual projection of spirituality.

Pastor G. criticized young musicians for a lack of depth and maturity in their music. He said that that young musicians wanted to do everything from composing, singing and producing their own albums.

“Young musicians should learn to collaborate with other people, otherwise they face the risk of sounding like a copy of themselves if they want to both write and sing by themselves. There’s a lot of subjectivity that comes into play when you do all the things by yourself,” he said.


One thought on “Pastor G Working On New Project

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