Fashion Show Highlights Local Design

By Chief K.Masimba Biriwasha

Fashion lovers in Harare were treated to a show that highlighted some of the crème de la crème in local clothing fashion and design at the Red Bar and Culture in Harare.

The show featured four top local design labels that showcased clothing that was both classy and casual. The labels included Alice Knuth, Marcus Garvey, Mazari and Vancy That. To add an avant garde touch to the show, models used the bar as the ramp under flashing lights.

The elegant and exuberant designs consisted of a denim and Java inspired collection by Countess K, a sleek and casual white-cloth inspired collection by Marcus Garvey, a Khakhi collection by Mazari and an eclectic collection by Vancy That.

The exhibition of the clothes was accompanied by upbeat music and flashings lights as models took turns to do the catwalk on the bar.

“We’ve got men and women’s contemporary casual wear. It’s all a mix, ready to wear collection that is classy without being formal, you can play around with it,” said Ashley Nyagumbo, a fashion designer representing the Marcus Garvey label.

“The show is a brilliant initiative coming in the midst of an influx of cheap merchandise from China and other places. We want to offer the people an alternative which is locally manufactured yet has all the aesthetics of high fashion,” Nyagumbo said.

“We’re about uplifting local talent, and this fashion show was definitely a roaring success – hands down – the best live fashion show ever seen in Zimbabwe. It’s the first of its kind, and the first of many,” said Asa Jogi, owner of Red Bar.


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