Warren Park 1 Comes Alive in Arts

By Chief K.Masimba Biriwasha

IT was a hive of activity at Warren Park 1 Shopping Centre on Friday where a potpourri of cultural activities were showcased to commemorate the National Culture Week.

Approximately 2,000 people, including pupils from schools around Warren Park and community members graced the event which was emceed by former television actor, Taonga Mafundikwa.

“The purpose was to reach out to the community and spread a message about professionalism in the arts as well as promote socially progressive ideas on HIV prevention and anti-child abuse,” said the show’s spokesperson and musician, Michael Buruzi, popularly known as 2Boy.

Besides the artistic activities, Childline-Zimbabwe which sponsored the event, used the occasion to campaign against child abuse.

“This was indeed a great show – it’s very pioneering especially considering that its young people that took the initiative and put this whole show together. A lot of young and upcoming artists were given an opportunity to showcase their talents. And most importantly, the community came out in full support for the show,” said Lennex Mandipaza, an official with the with the Media and Information Commission.

Local reggae aficionados, Transit Crew, belted tune after tune to much appreciation from the audience which was high engaged with the show. Nyau Nyau dancers otherwise known as Zvigure in local lingo proved a spectacle and wowed the audience with their energetic dances.

“The was definetely a success – we had less of challenges than we experienced last year. We did not expect to get such a big crowd. We also managed to showcase a lot of young artists from our community,” said Lozario Sean Zhita, the show’s organising officer.

“I’m very happy, I never knew that there was such talent in Zimbabwe. It’s very good that young people are doing positive things to transform their communities,” said Jairi Tsingadzi, a tobacco farmer from Mt Darwin who chanced upon the show.

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