Elephant Man’s Show, A Mayhem

Harare, Zimbabwe – Elephant Man, also known as the Energy God, was pelted with a beer can at a show held at Glamis Stadium on Friday last.

But the reggae sensation brushed the incident aside and continued belting out tune after tune, infusing the 7,000-strong crowd that witnessed his musical showcase with energy.

It was very difficult to tell whether music fans were throwing beer cans and bottles onto the stage out of excitement or frustration but throughout Elephant Man’s perfomance all sorts of missiles could be seen flying in the air towards the stage.

There was huge commotion at the stage; approximately 100 people crowded the stage forcing Elephant Man a lot of times to stop and request people to be pushed off the stage.

To make matters worse, only two gates were open, and police with dogs that barked viciously could be seen manning the gates. It was clear that show organizers had not taken any lessons from previous concerts.

Elephant Man lost his phone and could be heard asking for it after he completed his act. Before he disappeared into the backstage missiles could be seen flying towards the stage until they formed a thick carpet on the stage.

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