Music Promoters Take Fans For A Ride

Harare, Zimbabwe – The police dogs looked hungry and vicious. They barked now and again sending shockwaves among the fans who braved the June night chill to go to the Elephant Man show. The fans shoved and pushed each other because the entry points into the show were too few. In fact, only two gates were open. Why the show promoter did not have more gates open remains a mystery.

The fact is that local music promoters of international acts have for long taken fans for a ride. When they promote the shows it appears they only have the dollar sign in mind and care very little about the experience that the shows are supposed to create for customers.

The last thing that someone who goes to a music show expects is police dogs growling as if they were last fed a year ago. And policemen acting like some die-hard tyrants.

Granted, local performers such as MicInity, Guspy Warrior and Winky D put up some sterling performances. But the stage was so crowded that Elephant Man, the main act, could barely move which took a huge spark out of the show.

What local promoters need to know is that music promotion should not just be about money but creating a lasting memory for their customers in a positive kind of way. The National Arts Council (NAC) should jump into the mess that local music promotion is today and put in place measures to protect consumers.


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