Spanish reggae musician, Swan Fyahbwoy, rocks Zimbabwe

Harare, Zimbabwe – The Zindoga Shopping Complex came alive on Saturday as hundred of music fans were treated to a spectacle of show by visiting Spanish dancehall musician, Elan Swan aka Swan Fyahbwoy, in collaboration with his countryman and internationally renowned, graffiti artist, Raul Ruiz Morales aka “El Nino de las Pimnturas”.

The musician, who also performed at Libby’s Restaurant on Friday last week, took to the stage under the glare of late afternoon sun and mesmerized the youthful audience with his energetic moves and deep voice. Although most of his chant was in Spanish it did not deter the audience to respond positively to his music.

Swan Fyahbwoy was backed by a vocalist, Mario Olivares Gomez-Plata, a deejay, Raul Manuekl Sanchez and a dancer, Aida Guimo Ortuno Lopez. The latter’s dance moves were mouthwatering, to say the least, and left the audience crying for more.

Swan Fyahbwoy’s song “Spanish Revolution,” apparently the first that he has recorded in English proved a hit with the fans due to it provocative lyrics. The song, which resonated with the audience, revealed Fhyahbowy’s authentic voice as well as the depth of his message.

“I sing what I am. I never fake it. I live according to the message that I preach in my music,” said Swan Fyahbwoy, who has performed in Jamaica.

He added that he loved the atmosphere at Zindoga Shopping Comoplex because it reminded him of performances that he has done in Jamaica.

To add cherry on top, members of the audience were also treated to a visual spectacle as graffiti artist, El Nino de las Pimnturas backed by two local graffiti painters painted a depiction of a lion during the musical performance.

The two shows were supported by local artists, including, Abra Simmz, Freeman of the Joina City fame among others who put up splendid performances.

“This is definitely a great show. We must have more performances like this around the country that showcase local as well as international talent. It will help to build our local artists so that they can scale new heights,” said a Tanaka Chirwa, reveler at Zindoga Shopping Complex.


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