Ex-couple, Andy Brown and Chiwoniso Maraire set to perform together

By Chief K.Masimba Biriwasha

Harare, Zimbabwe – In a development that most pundits in musical circles could have never predicted, enstranged music couple, Andy Brown and Chiwoniso Mararaire are set to perform together in a one-time show scheduled to be held at the Book Cafe next Saturday.

iZiviso.com Int’l Online Magazine can exclusively reveal that the former lovers are both upbeat in appearing in the show titled, “Hokoyo na Chi: Chiwoniso reignites with Andy Brown.

“I’s actually cool that the show is going to happen, it’s totally at a professional level. It’ll be nice to perform together again after so long a time. A lot of people have been asking for this sort of thing to happen, so I’m sure the response will be great. But whether, we’ll continue with the shows, let’s wait and see,” said Brown,  also known as Muzukuru among his fans.

According to Maraire’s manager, Tsungi Zvobgo, CEO of New Sofala Entertainment, she pulled up the miracle after lengthy discussions with the guitar maestro and the mbira songstress.

Zvobgo who developed the Hokoyo na Chi music concept said the show will be the biggest and most exciting of the edition to date.

“Hokoyo na Chi was designed to showcase Chiwoniso’s extraordinary talent and versatality through collaboration with various artists in Zimbabwe. Every performance has been unique so far but the collaboration with Andy will definetely be the biggest, and people should expect fireworks,” said Zvobgo.

“People should expect some cosmic energy to come out of the show, it will definitely be explosive. Serious music fans should come and witness for themselves, and not miss out in what will most definitely be a key landmark in Harare’s arts renaissance,” she added.

Brown and Maraire, who have two children together, split up acrimoniously sometime in 2001 in a development that robbed Zimbabwe’s arts industry of one of its most prolific and legendary music collaborations.

The combination between the two electrified audiences. Brown’s passionate guitar-playing and music arrangement skills combined with Mararire’s mbira and vocal prowess produced country’s unforgettable music.

Mararire’s first album “Ancient Voices” in 1998, undoutedly one of her best albums on which she worked with Brown, consisted of a successful fusion of blues, jazz, rap, reggae and rhythms from Zimbabwe and brought critical, international acclaim to mbira music.

The album won the Radio France International (RFI) Decouverte Afrique 98 award The former lovers were introduced to each other by legendary music producer, Keith Farquharson who worked with Maraire’s early band, Peace of Ebony as well as Andy Brown and The Storm.

After the split of Peace of Ebony, Mararire joined Andy Brown and The Storm which proved a fertile ground for the growth of her career. Brown and Maraire were successfull both in Zimbabwe and abroad, and played at various concerts in Europe and Africa. In 1999 Chiwoniso fronted Andy Brown and The Storm at the MASA festival in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, where the band’s performance won them the UNESCO Prize for Arts.

In the same year, Chiwoniso was a nominee in the “Best Female Vocals of Africa” category of the KORA Awards. However, following a messy breakup, in 2001, Chiwoniso left Andy Brown & The Storm to concentrate on her solo career.


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