Transit Crew Ups the Ante

By Chief K.Masimba Biriwasha, Global Editor At Large

Harare, Zimbabwe – Local reggae gurus, Transit Crew, are upping their ante to increase their visibility and reach with shows scheduled to promote their newly release singles.

“We want to bring reggae back to everybody but in our own version. We’ve got a new album with three singles released so far namely “Vavengi”, “Muti”, and “African Woman” sung by our lead vocalists namely Mannex, Chaza and J-Farai, respectively,” said Oslylia OJ Isaac, the group’s marketing manager.

“At the moment Transit Crew has two resident venues, Mega 3 in Westgate and The Mannenberg in the Avenues, and our shows are really getting hotter and hotter. We promise our fans a mature crowd, great cuisine at all the places that we play, secure parking and a show to remember full packed with original Zimbabwe reggae music,” she said.

Isaac said that the trendsetting reggae outfit, which was established in 1988, had recently completed the shooting of a video for “Vavengi”. The video was launched at the Basement Nightclub in Harare three weeks ago to much acclaim.

She added that Transit Crew is also currently on a mission to groom young talent.

“We are currently working with different young artists, mainly the young that are virtually unknown. We want to make sure that we contribute to the building of future reggae musicians,” she said.

“Transit Crew have indeed given us an opportunity of learning and rehearsing our skills. They give us time on stage during their shows and helping to build our confidence as musicians,” said 2Boy of the Booykin Klan, an upcoming reggae band based in Warren Park.

Transit Crew’s charisma and energy on stage is so intense that with better outreach they stand to attract greater audiences to their shows.

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