Abra Simmz talks RIZE

By Chief K.Masimba Biriwasha, iZiviso.com Global Editor At Large

Harare, Zimbabwe – Simukai Mandizvidza, aka, Abra Simzz, music producer of popular Jamaican musician, Red Rat’s monster track “Rise Up Zimbabwe,” recently announced the formation of Revolutionary Independent Zimbabwean Entrepreneurs (RIZE), a movement to promote self-belief, unity and creative entrepreurship among Zimbabweans.

In an interview with the iZivisoMag.com, Abra Simzz who is currently studying in Bangladesh said the movement is aimed at inspiring Zimbabwe to develop a can-do mentality.

“It’s a stand that Zimbabwenas are taking with unity and patriotism on the forefront. It’s artists and entertainers coming together. The philosophy is about being proud of being Zimbabwean. We hope to start a youth movement across the nation,” he said.

According to Abra Simzz, besides the outreach programmes, RIZE will also have a strong online presence and will also heavily utilize the mobile phone to reach out to young people.

“We are doing this because we feel that Zimbawe has so much potential. But within the entertainment indsutry, we are lacking; there is a lack of entertainment and business working together. If we look at all the successful industries across Africa, there is a close relationship between business and entertainment. With RIZE, the ultimate goal is to build bridges,” he said.

Abra Simzz said that deals have already been put in place with a few businesses who are ready to endores the movement which will rolled early next year.

“RIZE will help flourish skeleton ideas from young minds fusing them with the expertise of our elders and fleshing them with the experience of those exposed in the diaspora turning them into sustainable recognised development projects or successful businesses,” 3-mob.com quoted Abra Simzz.

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