Afro Rock Reggae Show Part 5

By Chef K.Masimba Biriwasha

Harare, Zimbabwe – The fifth edition of the popular Afro Rock Reggae show will be held on Friday at the Mannenberg in Harare. The show will feature  featuring Mokoomba, Chikwata 263 and Mathias Julius.

According to the event organizers, the Afro Rock Reggae concept is aimed at celebrating the cultural diversity of Zimbabwe and takes music fans through a journey of the country’s urban musical culture intermingled with the traditional sound.

“The show bring together BaTonga music, mbira punk and Zimbabwean reggae. It’s a show that tries to bring all aspects of Zimbabwean musical culture in to a cultural melting pot. Various Zimbabwean languages are brought together in this show,” said Hector Mugani, mbira player in Chikwata.263.

Mookomba, undoubtedly one of the most exciting to emerge out of Zimbabwe is expected to bring to the musical showcase an electrifying blend of Afro-fusion and tantalizing traditional Tonga rhythms.

Mathias Julius, a multi-talented singer, dancer, choreographer, and composer, is expected  to wow fans with his powerful, energetic voice and socially relevant lyrics.  His music draws on a variety of influences ranging from traditional and popular Zimbabwean music to reggae, dub, and hiphop, and represents the very best of Zimbabwe’s young, urban music scene.

Chikwata.263 is also expected to get music fans burning up the floor with their brand of mbira punk which has enamoured the group to an army of enthusiasts. The group, which was formed early this year, has been causing waves in Harare underground music scene.


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