Mathias Matty Julius Collaborates With Zim’s Greatest, Oliver Mtukudzi

By Chief K.Masimba Biriwasha |

HARARE, Zimbabwe – Mathias “Matty” Julius is taking his musical career to a new level, collaborating with Zimbabwe’s pre-eminent musician, Oliver Mtukudzi on a song titled “Twenty Ten” which is on his latest album, “Don’t Look Back.” The song is already making waves and receiving airwaves in Zimbabwe and United Kingdom.

Mathias Matty Julius

According to Julius, e making of the song was a complete concidence which happened during the rehersals of Oliver Mtukudzi and his late son, Sam concert “Nzou neMhuru” in Norton.

Matty who has already been rocking the music scene in Harare with his band X-Vybz said that during the rehersals where he was supposed to feature as a dancer, Tuku asked him for a collaboration.

“After listening to my first album Tuku was quite chaffed so he asked me to collaborate of which I had intentions to ask him for a collaboration,” said Julius in an exclusive interview with iZimbabwe Lifestyle.

However, due to Tuku’s busy schedule the collaboration never happened as fast as Julius had imagined and in between time, Tuku lost his son in a car accident.

“It so so happened that when the time came to link with Tuku, I had a song that I had written it a while back about the year twenty ten and it was a love song at first. After listening to it again all the lines reflected on the death of his late son Sam then it became a new theme and a new song,” said Julius, adding that veteran music producer, Mono Mukundu, worked on the beat to the song while Vusa Moyo did the mixing and mastering of the sound.

“This song was a big coincidence in terms of the theme and what it ended up to be. But as for the collaboration Mukoma Tuku was keen on collaborating with me on my song or something new together­­.”

Julius said that while he was awed by Tuku’s humility during the collaboration, the recording itself has been a smooth, cool affair.

“It’s amazing just how humble Mukoma Tuku is – when I started dancing he used to come to the dance studio sometimes so he has known me for a long time. I also featured on Tuku’s Kunze Kwadoka video and during the recording I was so relaxed because I felt like it was me hanging out in the studio with my brother I respect in many ways as a Zimbabwean star. We has fun in the studio. It has been a dream come true for me being able to do a reggae song with Mukoma Tuku­­,” he said.
Julius added that collaboration between upcming and established were critical for the health of the music industry in Zimbabwe.
“I think it’s great that these kind of collaborations will boost the morale of the upcoming artists and help them grow but only if the big artist believes in your talent and your music,” he said

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