Legendary Musician, Andy Brown, Died of Pneumonia A Day After His Birthday

By Chief K.Masimba Biriwasha | iZiviso Editor-in-Chief

Harare, Zimbabwe – Zimbabwean musician Andy “Muzukuru” Brown who passed away at Parirenyatwa Hospital March 16, 2012, succumbed to pneumonia a day after his birthday it has been learnt. He was 50.


A Zimbabwe daily paper qouted Tsungi Zvobgo, manager to Brown’s former wife Chiwoniso Maraire, confirming pneumonia as the cause of death. Brown, who had just returned from a musical tour in Switzerland, died at 5:45pm on Friday, March 16.

According to report, Brown indicated his wish to be buried at his rural home in Mberengwa. Mourners are gathered at 8 Gibings Road, Cranborne, Harare.

He is survived by his wife Nadine and 10 children. Burial arrangements will be announced in due course.

Former Information and Publicity minister Jonathan Moyo, described Brown as a people’s musician.

“He was a people’s musician, and certainly ranked among the best ever produced by our country,” Moyo told NewZimbabwe.com.

“The sad thing is that he is gone too soon before the country and the wider community experienced or heard his best music.”

In aother interview with The Herald newspaper, Moyo equated Brown’s death to a national tragedy.

“It is a national tragedy because we have lost one of Zimbabwe’s best musicians who used his exceptional talent not only to entertain but celebrate our country,” he said.


3 thoughts on “Legendary Musician, Andy Brown, Died of Pneumonia A Day After His Birthday

  1. Andy ‘muzukuru’ did not only sing to entertain but also sing for his country Zimbabwe.may your soul rest in peace ‘Mapurisa’

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