Victor Kunonga Working On New Album

HARARE,Zimbabwe – Award-winning Afro-beat musician, Victor Kunonga is currently busy working on a new album. The singer songwriter revealed that he has already been performing most of the songs on the new album at his public performances.

“The focus is on polishing the songs until they’re ready for the studion. We have been performing the songs regulalrly and the response has been great,” he said.”Hopefully by June, well get into the studio to record a new album. I tell you, the respoinse has been so great and people are already asking for the album”

The self taught acoustic guitarist added that the album does not have a name yet but the sound will be highly afrocentric as is the trademark of his music.

“The album is going to have a very authentic afrocentric acoustic feel. There is going to be a lot of mbira and collaboration with a number of local and other African artists,” Kunonga said.

“We’re contemplating doing a double CD but we’ll cross the bridge when we get there. However, we are going to have no less than 12 tracks on the album.We can preety much already see the success of the album even before we’ve launched it.”


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