E-Learning Expands AIDS NGOs’ Documentation Skills

By Chief K.Masimba Biriwasha | Global Editor At Large

Washington DC, US – Electronic learning (e-Learning) a key role to play in enhancing the capacity of AIDS organisations to improve their skills in documenting and communicating their stories, according to a study by the Southern African HIV and AIDS Information Dissemination Service ( SAfAIDS).

According to the study, poor documentation is commonly cited by organisations as the main reason for not capturing information on successes and learning from their work.

The study revealed that failure to properly document implementation of AIDS programmes often results in the loss of tremendous amounts of evidence and good practices that could be shared to improve overall HIV programming.

“We designed and implemented a training programme that aims to enhance the skills and capacity of HIV programmers in best practice documentation. This course has over the years proved to be very successful, and as a result of high demand and uptake,” saidLois Chingandu, SAfAIDS Executive Director and one of the principal authors of the study which was selected as a poster presentation at the ongoing International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012).

Chingandu said that following the success of the training programmes, SAfAIDS developed an eLearning version of the course to increase access by more organizations.

The documentation of best practice training course, which is available online at www.safaids.net, teaches participants to collect and analyse data and produce case study reports.

“The eLearning course is available through the SAfAIDS website and allows users from across the globe to take the course at their own pace. The eLearning course is accessible in low bandwidth settings; free of charge and compatible with mobile phone technology,” read part of the poster presentation.

A certificate of completion is awarded to participants after successful completion of the course with a pass mark. In addition, a team of eLearning administrators monitor and evaluate uptake of the course and participants’ progress in completing the course, assisting them where necessary.


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