Harare’s Shoko Festival 2012 Bigger, Diverse

By Chief K.Masimba Biriwasha | Global Editor At Large

HARARE, Zimbabwe – Shoko Festival director Comrade Fatso said the 2012 edition of the festival to be held 18-23 September in Harare will feature 250 artists from eight different countries including US, UK, Germany, Kenya, South Africa, Malawi, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

He said the festival is aimed at celebrating arts with a message as well as urban culture, free expression and positive social change. He said that the festival themed “Take over the Town” will feature a combination of concerts, poetry slam, comedy, workshops, dee jay parties, exhibitions and debates.

“We’ve expanded the festival; we’ve more forms of art. We’ve hip-hop, reggae, workshops, discussions and social media. It’s much more diverse programming. We’re taking it from the towns to the township over six days,” said Cde Fatso in an interview with AfroFutures.com.

“The whole idea is to reclaim the town and the space through arts and celebrations the new going arts movements in spoken word, hip hop, reggae and urban culture.”

He added that the festival is about a living experiment in urban culture which will also be taken into Glen Norah.
“The outreach programme is important one of our key goals is reaching out into the community – it’s really key that we start raising a new generation of artists using art for positive social change,” said Cde Fatso.

He said that the whole idea of the festival is to reclaim Harare through arts and a celebration of emerging forms of arts movements in spoken word, hip hop and urban culture.


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