UNESCO Urges Zimbabweans to find Homegrown Solutions

HARARE, Zimbabwe – Zimbabweans need to find homegrown solutions to their challenges and problems, said UNESCO Director and Representative Harare Cluster Office, Professor Luc Rukingama, during a public discussion in Harare on Thursday.


“Zimbabwe needs to find its own solution – friends can come to help but the core task is in the hands of Zimbabweans themselves,” he said.

Rukingama said that in spite of the challenges facing the country, Zimbabweans need to learn to be patient.

“Unfortunately, when you look through our historical background, humanity has gone through wars and catastrophe. Countries evolve the same way as human lives,” he said.

“You get a disease say after 10 years or break a leg or something, and not yield the same harvest that you used to have.”

He said that it terms of achieving peace and development, there is no one size fits all and each country had to negotiate it own way.

“There are periods of stability and other periods of lack of stability, it is part of global life,” he said. “There’s no magic lesson – naturally after some difficulties – countries emerge,” he said.

Rukingama said that every Zimbabweans need to take responsibility to address the country’s challenges.

“We need everyone to bring a brick to build the country – it takes time – there is a need for patience because time is a big healer,” Rukingama said.

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