18 thoughts on “Tambirai’s Story

  1. This is definitely a great online magazine. I hope everyone finds it as informative as i did. To the brains behind, this i say keep the dream growing even bigger.

  2. A truly refreshing expose of what inspiration, commitment, vision and hard work can achieve. All i can do is to simply take my hat off for you. Great min will always take the seeminly impossable path and achieve. Congratulations on this achievement.
    Knowledge is power!

    Brian Zulu, United Kingdom

  3. You have always been an inspired and engaged brother, father and friend. I applaud you for always keeping your heart’s eyes open. May they guide you to the longings of your spirit, and towards the dreams of a people. My question is, how do we contribute?

    Mbonisi Zikhali

  4. Your commitment is amazing

    I am trying to reach you Mr. Masimba Biriwasha. There is no way of finding your contacts on the Web. I also called the The Independant but I failed because of the time difference.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Please visit our website: http://www.cpj.org/
    We are based in New York, USA.

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