A Miracle Called Atkins Diet

If you want to lose weight without going through the struggle of getting hungry then the Atkins diet plan is the way to go. The most amazing thing about the Atkins weight loss plan is appetite suppression. Food cravings are the most common reason that make people who are on a diet break their promises.

Instead of loading the pressure to desire for food, the Atkins diet plan offers food choices that you can take during the day without going overweight.

 A sample Atkins Diagram

Unlike other diet alternatives, the Atkins diet plan allows followers to escape hunger pangs in-between meals, helping to keep adherents focused on staying healthy or losing weight. 


The Atkins diet allows you to control your food craving, particulalrly for carbohydrates by eating protein based meals that are spaced throughout the day which keeps your blood sugar stabilized. It also keeps your body free of desire for extra food, especially carbohydrates.


The Atkins diet works on the principle of restricting your intake of carbohydrates while keeping you free from constant hunger. It severly moderatees the consumption of carbohydrate such as high-sugar foods, breads, pasta, cereal, and starchy vegetables, which easily fill you up but do not last in your stomach for long.


Instead, the Atkins diet plan focuses on more nutritious than processed foods that make you less likely to experience food cravings.


The specific combination of nutritious foods and ingredients in the diet melts away cravings for food. The key in the Atkins diet is the amount of protein which you consume and lasts longer in your stomach than carbohydrates.


Diets that are filled with carbohydrate fill you up instanteneously but a few hours later, you stomach feels empty forcing you to eat more. This inevitably forces you to eat more. As a result, you gain more weight putting off your efforts to keep control over your weight.


With the Atkins diet plan, in-between meals hunger pangs go away very quickly, thereby reducing your intake of food and helping them to keep your weight under check.


A mix of protein and minimal healthy fats keeps your body satiated for long periods of time.


Eggs on the Atkins diet plan suppress your appetite, and they are also a great form of quick and easy protein.


In fact, a study with two groups of women revealed that if you eat eggs for breakfast, it reduces the extent of hunger during the day.


One group ate eggs for breakfast and the other had a breakfast of bagels and cream cheese. The breakkfasts had a similar calorie count.


The women who had eggs for breakfast reported feeling full during the day, and ate less at each meal than those in the bagel group.


In the Atkins diet plan, eggs easily satisfy your hunger without adversely increasing blood sugar levels, helping to stop foods cravings. Eggs are also easy to prepare.


Apart from suppressing hunger, eggs have nutrients that are essential for good eye health and important in brain functioning and memory, extra benefits that come with choosing to follow the Atkins Diet plan.


In addition, two vegetables on the Atkins program, broccoli and cauliflower, provide bulk in your diet which also reduces the levels on in-between meals hunger pains. Because they are bulky, they help to give your stomach an impression of fullness.

and this helps to distract your mind and body from constantly thinking about food.


Water and psyllium husk fiber that are also in the Atkins diet plan also help to create an impression of fullness in your stomach. The Atkins Diet plan is certainly the way to go if you want to escape the hunger and food denial commonly associated with dieting.


The combination of special types of carbohyrates and the protein in the Atkins diet plan provide you with highly nutritious foods that suppress the temptation to eat, and at the same time, keep your weight under check and your bodily health in good shape.