Travails Of A New Dad

I AM not exactly what you would call new dad anymore having had little Tadana, my first son, around for a year. But some of the stuff that he has put me through is straight off the hook, and I doubt if there is any child-raising guide book out there that could have prepared me for all the surprises. 

I know now being a newcomer dad is expecting the unexpected everyday.

When Tadana smashed my new laptop screen in an excited frenzy, I gave him a frozen stare and he gave me his signature grin and threw his hands in the air, oblivious of the gravity of the crime he had committed. Little did I know that more was to come: the following day he tore pages from a book that I had borrowed from a local library. Now that set my head boiling, and I had to stew over words to explain the situation to the librarian.

I could only proffer to the librarian that little Tadana had taught me the tolerance of God when she asked me what it felt being a new dad after she saw the torn library book. She was kind enough to not make me pay for the book but gave me a serious warning to keep all library books away from my son.

At a cost of US 200 dollars, I managed to get the laptop screen repaired, and vowed never to let Tadana near it again. But, God, I was just lying to myself. What Tadana wants, Tadana gets. He has a bawl that can be resurrected at any moment. In one moment, he can be smiling at you, and if you try to stop him from doing what he wants, he twists his head and a flood of tears coupled with an ear-splitting bawl take over the whole household. The only way to stop from bawling is to give him want he wants. Continue reading


“I know the toll it took on me, not having a father in the house. The hole in your heart when you don’t have a male figure in the home who can guide you and lead you. So I resolved many years ago that it was my obligation to break the cycle — that if I could be anything in life, I would be a good father to my children.”


~ Barack Obama, New York Times