After the Rain

After the rain, which now clots the ground, she jumps out of her shell: gazes into the depth of her soul and grows roots that run haywire, till she connects again.


She finds a watery burble, and marvels at the passing images of her life (including the lost times) and how she tried to live in the thin veneer between dark and light.


She yearns for the wings of youth, soft and tender, and full of dreams that lacked fear.


As the rainbow in the horizon curls outward, she dashes with the full strength of her bones, naked of ambition and desire and dreams of the future.


Feeling a little faint, she looks to her sides, and sees it: a sprout of a new wing.


Faith mounts within her loins as her wings unfurl.


And suddenly, she rises.


O, how she rises with a grace so swift towards the single-eyed star high in the azure.

The Extreme Makeover Guide

Since the beginning of time human beings have always sought various ways to radically transform themselves into something better, happier, wealthier and wiser. 

Nothing has intrigued human beings as much as the desire to transform oneself for the better with millions of motivational books promising a magical solution to personal transformation having been written on the topic, but the process need not be laborious or esoteric as many put it. 

To achieve an extreme makeover, you must have the right mix of desire, decision and determination. You must absolutely want to get out the old, and worn out lifestyle that you find yourself in the present. 

First things first: You must first seek to clearly understand the person that you are today so that you know what you want to change.

To achieve an extreme makeover, you need to be mindful of your current personality, lifestyle, and ambitions. Take time to identify what you think is flawed about yourself, including your physical, spiritual, financial, mental, and social self.

You must possess a clear philosophy of the person that you want to become that acts as a guiding beacon. 

In order to go forward, you must have knowledge of where you coming from. By understanding yourself better you will learn how to better go through the makeover process.

However, it is important not be bogged down in self-analysis, commonly referred to as a paralysis of analysis. 

It is necessary to keep the end goal in mind all the time so that you enhance your chances to improve your lifestyle, make-up and appearance. 

If you wait too long pity-partying about what you dislike of yourself and overplanning what you intend to change, you cripple your chances of success. 

The key component of an extreme makeover is to get started. Get started immediately, but you must have a plan. An extreme makeover may sound like a big challenge at the beginning but its well worth the effort. There are many benefits to personal transformation: it not only enhances your life understanding but adds to your personal power. 

Develop a goal. An extreme makeover is about reinventing your whole being: fashion, lifestyle, makeup and appearance. Put together a list of what you want to become, and then make a plan to work for it. As the old adage goes, fail to plan, plan to fail. 

Create a portrait.There is nothing that beats seeing your future image to kick-start the mind into action towards your pre-determined goals. Using your creative imagination, you must define in detail the kind of values, fashion, lifestyle, makeup and appearance that you want to be associated with. Develop an ideas book in which you showcase your idealized self, and use it to determine the choices that will make you become this person in reality.

Use this process to expand the best of what you want to be. Making a public declaration of what you want to become can put you under unnecessary pressure so keep it to yourself, but make sure the work is done. For example, you can transform yourself to be a fashion stunner by first identifying the look you want in your idea book, and then making carefully thought out purchases.

Accessorize your wardrobe with fashion trends that match your portrait. Buy quality than quantity on key wardrobe elements. And don’t be afraid to seek help in determining what suits you. 

It’s all in the present. No matter how much you want to reinvent yourself you have to accept one fact: life plays out in the present. There’s a belief that transformation is impossible here, right now, but maybe in the future when you have finally achieved everything you desire.

But you must understand that to achieve an extreme makeover, you have to live deeply in the present. Every step you take should be consciously perceived as taking you closer to your makeover. So invest 100 percent of your mind and body into each step so that you can touch the wonders of your reinvented being. 

Breathe deeply. Once you have a full understanding of all your goals, learn how to breathe deeply, opening yourself to the full essence of life. Breathing deeply allows you to practice mindfulness. The practice of mindfulness helps you to be fully engaged with your place in the present moment, relieving you of the guilt of the past, the chattering voices of the present and the unrealized concerns of the future. It is important to understand that the present is your key to your extreme makeover, so once you bring yourself to the present, you avail yourself to all possibilities.

You must make every step towards your ultimate reinvention as pleasurable as it can be. 

Be prepared to step outside the comfort zone. A comfort zone refers to a set of behaviors, a type of mental conditioning that inhibits you from accomplishing what you wish. The boundaries of a comfort zone give you a sense of security and pleasure that fixates you into a rigid state of mind. Identify all the old lifestyle patterns, and make a daily plan to do something positively different. A single step outside your comfort zones sets you on a trajectory towards your reinvented self. 

Watch what you think. If you think you can’t make the extreme makeover that is exactly what you will get. Once you have an idea of the lifestyle changes you want, you must projects thoughts that reflect the makeover you seek. 

However, thinking alone is not enough, it has to be complemented by action. Through the choices that you make, you can shape yourself into the person you want to be. So act as if you have already achieved the extreme makeover. 

Celebrate the journey. Making the extreme makeover is indeed a journey, so make it a point to enjoy every step of the way. Every time you do something that aligns you to the makeover, take time to celebrate. Celebrating your success helps to strengthen your resolve to become the new you. The way you celebrate must be in line with the vision and goals that you have set for yourself. 

Having said that, the bottom-line is that to achieve an extreme makeover requires commitment, planning and action. 

As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 ~ 1832) put it: “Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation) there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.” 

The positive energy and passion that you put into the extreme makeover will determine how far you go in transforming yourself.