How to Be A Brand New You

By Masimba Biriwasha | OpEd | January 02, 2013 | @ChiefKMasimba

It’s not easy to make a brand new YOU. After years of doing the same things, change can be like an exercise in futility. Think of it like climbing a mountain on a soggy, cloudy day. Or worse still like pushing a wheelbarrow loaded with boulders down a slippery path. Old habits set themselves as booby traps for your failure: if they had a face, they would grin every time you stumble.

Exasperation with failure along the newly chosen path can make you slide back into the very behaviors and patterns of thought that you want to abandon. The most common reaction is to berate yourself. You blame yourself for not making the brand new YOU in one big swoop.

Along the way to becoming a brand new YOU, you’ll be confronted by two choices: to either give up or fight it out. What will ultimately decide your success is not the BIG outcome you seek, but the blood-sucking punches you’re willing to take and torturous steps that you’ve to take on a moment-by-moment basis.

What is difficult about change is that the old-self revels in established pattern. Any attempt to change the set up is faced with resistance. It’s akin to a despotic political system that sinks in its feet when faced with a threat to its self-serving ways. That’s why it’s important to be committed to go all the way even amid missteps or initial failures. Gird yourself.

You must badly want to be the brand new YOU that falling does deter you to get up, dust yourself and march on towards the prized goal. That’s why it’s so important to have a clear-cut picture of what exactly you want to become. You need to have fully formed picture of the person that you want to become etched in your imagination. It must be bold, loud – totally unmistakable.

Having that image fully formed will prove handy during the times when your old habits and thought patterns sneer at you like a famished serpent. If you think of it, old habit are pregnant with venom and at the slightest ruffle stand up to maintain their grip. They’re like an old dictator. They know their ways around you so much they’ll fool you all the time clouding the path to becoming the brand new YOU.

So here are three quick steps:

  • Develop a full vision of the brand new YOU. Without a full picture of the brand new YOU, you’ll falter at the slightest irritation. The brand new YOU must be so bold and inspiring to carry you through the rough paths.
  • Commit to seeing it through. Whether you want to drop an old habit or forming a new one, commitment to seeing it through as trite as it sounds energizes you to put failure into context. Say, if you commit to quit candy, if you find yourself having fallen into the temptation to eat candy in one moment, remember you still have the next moment to pursue your commitment.
  • Be inspired by the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into the butterfly. Ultimately change begins inside you: you’ve to develop a new self concept based on the vision, of course. The process of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly is a highly painful process. Through embracing the pain of developing to become a brand new YOU, you can emerge a beautiful better self. Develop the courage to change from within.