Magic of the Tsotso Stove

According to an old adage, necessity is the mother of invention; it forces people to find alternative ways and tools. In Zimbabwe today, devising skills to survive is the norm of daily living.

As a means to cope with erratic electricity power cuts that are undoubtedly a defining characteristic of the ongoing socioeconomic crisis in Zimbabwe, many Zimbabweans living in urban areas have resorted to using the tsotso stove because of its low labor and energy saving characteristics.

Traditionally, rural as well as low-income households have always depended on fuelwood, which usually chews up loads of firewood, thereby endangering the environment.

However, in urban areas firewood for use as domestic fuel is always in short supply or simply too expensive. Continue reading

Bicycle Green Lessons From Zimbabwe

Bicycles have been touted as one of the best ways to stem the over-reliance oil powered transportation and, at the same time, can significantly improve people’s health.

In Zimbabwe, bicycles are increasingly becoming popular, albeit for a different reason: money and economics. With a current world record inflation of 11,2 million percent and rising on a daily basis, many people in Zimbabwe are struggling to make ends meet with very meager salaries.

As a means to cope with high transport costs (a product of the Zimbabwe’s hyperinflationary economy), many workers have taken to bicycling in their hordes. Previously stigmatized as a sign of poverty, bicycles have taken on a new form as a means of affordable transportation to work. Continue reading