How to Unlock the Magic of Listening

Unlocking the magic of listening is perhaps one of the best ways for you to have a life filled with friendship, love, joy and happiness.  

Listening can help you to break through barriers, and help you to connect with people at a deeper, fundamental level.  

It is about wholly paying attention to what someone has to say so that you have a full grasp of what they have to say. 

Unfortunately, listening is not a skill that we are taught. It is assumed that listening is more an automatic impulse that has nothing to do with active personal engagement.  But hearing what someone has said is not quite the same thing as listening.

Your heart and mind should be open so that you can properly understand what someone has to say. 

According to motivational speaker Barbara White, the art of listening also involves watching the person’s body language, maintaining eye contact, asking for clarification when needed and also listening for the unspoken message. 

The constant rush of what we think and feel within the self is perhaps the greatest hurdle to effective listening. Overcoming it takes time, perseverance and practice. 

You have to engage in mindfulness when you are listening, that is, an ability to bring yourself to a situation where you take into your soul and spirit what someone is saying to you before you can make a judgment. 

The process of truly listening thus requires serious investment on the part of the listener. To unlock the power of listening, you have to bring an attitude of humility and mental awakeness to the process. 

Many people “sleep listen”.

They appear to pay attention but in reality all they catch is a glimpse of what the other party is saying, and they immediately rush to respond, thus breaking down the communication process. 

Instead, you have to create an open space within self that gracefully accepts what the other person has to say without being tempted to interject. By being mindful of your own being, you can keep a tab on your own desire to talk back so that you give the speaker an opportunity to complete their thought pattern.  

If you become a prisoner to your own thoughts and desires, you destroy the communicative act because self-engagement destroys the power of listening. To effectively listen, you must step outside the confinement of your own ego-centric self.  

You must therefore strive to always be in the present moment, fully aware of what the other person is saying, neither analyzing nor judging, but listening in order to get to the heart of the matter of what they have to say. 

Unlocking the power of listening is a personal choice it is not something that can be forced upon an individual.  But the fact is that listening can maximize the quality of human connection, bonding and understanding, and in the process, help to build a better vision of who we are, and the goals that we seek to achieve at personal, family, community, business and international levels. 

Our humanness is so very interdependent, and sharing is very much its lifeblood. Effective listening is a form of acceptance that we are not the only ones that matter in the overall scheme of things.  Listening is a gift that you can share at no cost at all.

If anything, you will be richly blessed in your own life for doing just that.  Through listening whole heartedly and unconditionally, you will reap a multitude of rewards that enhance your personal relationships. 

As Jim Rohn says: “One of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of attention.”