8 Nuggets to Living a Simple Life

Like many people, you probably run through your life bogged down by a heavy load of worries about finances, traffic jams, your career, how you look, and what people think of you etc.

Thoughts rummage through your head like the mad rush of a river on a stormy day, all needing attention which reduces you to a monkey-state. In reality, as much as you worry about giving shape to your life, you need to realize that you actually have very little control. Continue reading

How to find your passion

There are exactly three places you can find your true passion: in your heart, mind and spirit.  

Passion is personal, and it’s deep.

It’s about what you love to do without being forced to do it. It flutters like a butterfly within the heart, mind and spirit seeking to show you the way to go.In addition, the spirit of intuition is the very lifeblood of passion.

The things that, without force, light a flicker in your heart are the tell-tale signs of what you are passionate about.Unfortunately, many people choose to push away those signs to the dark recesses of their imagination because they lack the courage or wherewithal to pursue their true passion.

Of course, many people just opt to live within the cushion of comfort zones and prescribed lifestyles, and never really ever live their true passion.However, the major problem with trying to find your true passion is that you already have it, right within you.

Unfortunately, in today’s noisy world, choosing to ignore one’s passions is a cope out to survive life’s demands. Many people’s passions simply sit inside their hearts, mind and spirit as silently as an ignored grave.

For people in this category, the task of truly finding and living true passion can be a life changing endeavor.The starting point to find true passion is inside your heart. That’s where everything that makes up the body of passion lives.

So, simply put, if you want to find your passion you must first look inside.

Sadly, in the world today, there are millions of people who know what their passion is yet they fail to heed to its call.Simply knowing about your passion is therefore different from finding your true passion.

Finding your true passion demands that you do something about it, that you take action and pursue it relentlessly.

Passion is about those things that tickle you, energize you and fill you up with inspiration with very little effort on your part.

Once you know what your passion is – to find it, you must make it actionable so that you do something about it every day of your life.

The following three steps can help you to find your true passion:

1. Look to the little things.
Look to the little things that fire you up and drive you and make your eyes open wide. Things that give you that “Wow!” feeling. It could be anything from collecting stamps, fishing, collecting butterflies to feeding underprivileged children. There are as many passions as there are human beings. So, don’t hold back because you fear what people will say. Do what your heart tells you.

2. It’s a personal thing.
Undoubtedly, someone can influence you to have a passion for something but ultimately ownership of that passion is a highly personal affair. No-one can have your passion for you. To find your passion, just be you.

3. Passion is your heartbeat
When you seek to find your passion, be calm, and listen to the whispers of your heart. If you hear what they mean, then just follow it.

It’s certainly possible to have many passions. But, more importantly, once you have found out your passion, strive to do something about it, no matter how small.

The internet is a good place to start researching what you are passionate about.

And always remember, finding your true passion is not a rocket science: it all begins in your heart, mind and spirit. 

Purpose: Dash Of My Life

At age 30, I became tired of searching for meaning and self.  For primarily self-indulgent reasons, I could just not stay focussed on spiritual and personal goals that I had established for myself. 

I had all my life tried to find the meaning through reading books, religious practices, and philosophy but to no avail. Meaning was always elusive, and I went on to devour more books, religious practices and philosophy. At some point, my mind completely tuned out every time I tried to feed it another new practice. Then, I realized I wasn’t being honest to myself.  I did not curse the journey. I guess it had been worth it. While we always seek the destination, there’s always more to see along the way.

I finally discovered that I was trying to search for light while I was holding the lamp in my hands. The meaning of life that I was looking for was located right in my heart.

The meaning and purpose of my life resided within me quietly like an ancient tomb. The quest for meaning had taken me to faraway lands that I forgot to look where it mattered most — inside my heart. 

It is inside our hearts where the hidden treasures of purpose lie unexplored. If we could only look deeper, we could see what our lives are created for. 

So, after a long search, I found my purpose in weaving words that find a place in people’s hearts. I made a decision to write as beautifully as a butterfly flutters its wings on a summer morn.

It was something I had always known but chose to ignore in pursuit of grand schemes. Purpose is always simple and straightforward. It is never an arm’s length away from your heart. It just needs to be nudged, and embraced, and then it will grow its own roots. 

I discovered my purpose is to tell stories without fear or favor. In my life, purpose is that little dash that will separate the year of my birth from the year of my death when I finally pass on.  

It is the dash that will represent all that I ever did during my time on Earth. It is up to me to make the best use of that little line. In my living days, it appears that the little line is eternal, and that it can be spent in pursuit of self-satisfying endeavors.

But increasingly, it is becoming clear to me that life is greater than chasing mere self-ambition or self-indulgence. I now have the decency to realize that my days on earth are as ephemeral as a shooting star, and can be spent more meaningfully in making a difference in people’s lives.  

At the expiration of my life, what will matter most is what I contributed to the enrichment of my world, all in that dash.

My true purpose is always predicated by a desire to expand the state of humanity. Discovering my purpose has been integral to how I choose to sculpt myself.

Without purpose, I am like a twig floating aimlessly in the torrents of life.  Without it, I am caught up in the ever-coiling spiral of despair and desire, which inevitably leads to suffering.

My energies are dissipated and I am constantly distracted. Finding my reason of being has certainly not been a pie-in-the-sky experience. I have had to go through several trial and errors.

Overall, it has been a desert-like experience, falling down a 100 times to get up 101, in search of my light. It’s been worth it. 

In a word, purpose now gives shape to my days. It tells me in the invisible realm where to concentrate my energies, thereby maximizing the potential and outreach of my dash.

Purpose is the internal compass that guides me towards the pathway of my predetermined goal of serving humanity through my unique ability to tell stories.

It is not like manna that falls out of the heavens. I found it and nurtured it like a mustard seed. 

To live a life on purpose is to live by design. It is to know what matters most in the moment rather than getting tossed about by the winds of time.

Purpose is that invisible spark that spurs me to go on in spite of the odds. It fills my bones with a passion that reverberates beyond the spoken word.

Most importantly, it is more spiritual than simply fulfilling my goals. 

My purpose is a mission: a calling.

I will strive to live up to its ideal throughout the rest of my earthly existence.

Quote of the Day

“If we do not rise to the challenge of our unique capacity to shape our lives, to seek the kinds of growth that we find individually fulfilling, then we can have no security: We will live in a world of sham, in which our selves are determined by the will of others, in which we will be constantly buffeted and increasingly isolated by the changes round us.”

– Nena O’Neil.