Never Give Up

Many people have dreams.

And for a good reason – it’s important to have dreams because it is only through dreams that the horizons of self, humanity and civilization can be expanded.  

Dreams are about reaching for something higher and greater than our present self. 

But everyday challenges and obstacles of life, including the desire to make a living through a secure job – usually force people to give up on their dreams.  

For most of us, as we go through the tumultuous cycle of life, it can be very easy to lose sight of our dreams.

With the rat race constantly clamoring in our heads, committing our dreams to suicide is certainly the easy way out. 

In other cases, it’s the people around us – families, friends or society in general – that drills it down into our brains that we cannot ever achieve our dreams. 

As they say, the graveyard is the richest place in the world because of all the unrealized dreams and potentials. 

If our deeply held dreams were ever easy to achieve then it would never be worth it to have them in the first place.

Achieving dreams takes struggle but the ultimate reward can make you enjoy your life much better. 

Paradoxically, giving up dreams is perhaps the easiest thing to do especially if the odds seem to be against you.

In order to achieve your deeply held dreams, you have to first change something very fundamental about yourself. 

The universe offers energy in abundance, and it is what we do with that energy that determines whether we achieve our goals or not. 

To keep your dreams alive, you have to channel your energy toward developing skills and habits that can direct you toward your dreams.  

For example, if your dream is to be a writer, you must channel your energy towards writing rather than simply chat about it.

As is said, you cannot be a piano player in your head, you must play the piano. The fact is that if you don’t change your attitude toward your dreams, you will never be able to achieve them.

There is an invisible quality about dreams that gives them potency only if fed through decision-making, planning, commitment to action and ongoing analysis. Nothing is out of your reach unless if you choose to hold yourself back.

With a few changes, you can achieve the limitless possibilities that your life has to offer. It is possible to live a life of passion, purpose and mission if only you are willing to shake off the clutches of your comfort zone. 

After all, you only have one life to live, and you might as well make it worthwhile by going after your most cherished dream. 

The responsibility to keep your dreams is yours and yours alone. You’ve absolutely no-one to blame if your dream becomes just another fairy tale fit for wonderland. Make sure your dream does not become just another castle in the air. 

If we choose to abandon our dream, we risk becoming slaves to other people’s projects, and undoubtedly, we will gather a lot of bitterness, and regret. 

Take an audit of your situation. In order to reawaken your dream, you need to take an audit of your situation. Why is it that you have not taken the appropriate actions to achieve your dream? Who are the people around you that speak negatively about your dream? What about yourself do you need to change in order to move in the direction of your dreams? There are many more questions that can be asked, but taking an audit is simply intended to get you set in a whole different trajectory towards your cherished dreams. 

It’s hard work. Going after your dreams is not like eating ice-cream it certainly takes hard work to go after your life’s dreams. If you must take risks, these should be perfectly calculated. But you should not be afraid of the blows they’re an important part of the journey.  

Be prepared to get bruised but never let that stop you from moving forward. You must strive to make yourself accountable to your dreams through pre-determining your actions, and doing things that are aligned to achieving your dreams. 

Life is a balance. If you want to achieve your dream, you have to let it go. Sometimes, you have to go down the wrong pathway in order to know what you really want. It sound like a paradox but it is so true that it’s when we are lost in a desert that we come to know the value of water.

Learn to appreciate your present circumstance, and see them as the key to your desired goals and dreams.  More important, accept that life is a balance, and there’s more to it than just achieving your dreams. Seek to live your life to the fullest even when the dream appears to be elusive, and you will see new opportunities opening up to you. 

Now is the time. Many people dream of some miracle day when suddenly everything will open up, and the path to their dream will become as clear as daylight. Others think they have to accumulate more wealth and knowledge before they can start moving in the direction of their dreams.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

The steps towards your dream are built in the present. It’s in the now. The thoughts and choices that you make form the foundation of whether you will achieve your dream or not. In fact, your thoughts and choices are the very lifeblood of your dreams. 

Get to understand your dream again. Take time to re-look at your dream again. It may have gathered rust during the time of neglect and despondency. It may not exactly be what you still want to do or become. If the dream is still the same, then set yourself to action through clearly analyzing your desires.  Have a crystal clear vision of what you want to achieve. 

But you have to understand that achieving your goal does not always have to be a linear process; sometimes you have to go through the backdoor to become what you want to become. The key is to set specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-specific little goals that will contribute to achieving your grand vision. 

Listen to your soul. Some people settle for the comfort zone. They have a good job and a good salary but are empty inside because they are not pursuing their heart’s desire.  

Forget about the dreams that the world sells to you, or what other say you can or cannot do.  Listen to your soul, and listen to it carefully, for within it are the secrets to your happy and fulfilled life. 

Make a decision to go after your goal. Once you have a grasp of what you want, the next step is to make a decision to go after it. Take time to reconnect and recommit to your goal. Write down your dream. It helps you to see it.  

Be clear about your values because these guide your decision making in the long-term. You must take time to analyze what skills and abilities are required to set on the pathway towards your dream. After that, the next thing is to power up your performance towards your dream.  Change your perception of self.

Failing to achieve our goals not only forces us to settle for mediocrity, it also negatively affects our self-esteem and self-worth.  A pre-requisite to taking positive actions towards your goals is to develop new, but healthy ways at looking at yourself. Judging yourself through past experiences weighs you down and slows you from achieving your goals. 

Develop habits that propel you towards your goal. By changing the focus of your habits, you can indeed change your chances to achieve your dream. Your habits make you who you are. To be more specific, habits refer to recurrent, often unconscious patterns of behavior that are acquired through frequent repetition.  

It is an established disposition of the mind or character. You have to stand back from yourself and analyze what kind of person you are and whether that is in tandem with the dreams that you want to achieve. If its not, then its time to change. Habits make or break dreams. 

Have positive energy. Positive energy is the gateway to your dreams. If you allow the disappointment of the present to weigh you down, you will not be able to reach for your star. Reaching for your dreams is a state of mind that believes in the possible.  

Having positive energy will empower your passion for your dream and propel you towards your goals. When you develop positive energy to pursue your dream, you begin to get the results that you seek. 

Track your time. Time is a key ingredient in the shaping of our dreams. So how we choose to spend it really determines whether we achieve our dreams or not.

If you choose to stay glued in the front of a television box without committing to your dream, you will not be able to realize anything.  Make sure to dedicate your time to your dreams through doing the little steps that will get you there.  

The path to your dreams is defined by the little steps that you take.