Is Blogging Worth the Pain?

A friend of mine recently started a blog, and she wants to make it grow. This got me nibbling my mind. What are the indicators of succesful blogging? How do you measure it? Why blog? How do you make your blog stand out amidst the clog of online content? Undoubtedly, blogging has revolutionised the concept of freedom of expression but what’s the point of expressing yourself freely when no-one is paying attention. Or when attention spans are as short as a rabbit’s yawn. Granted, self-expression is good food for the individual soul. But, question mark, is blogging worth the pain?

First things first, blogging is an overrated fad, with some analysts suggesting that it’s dead. There is a general belief that social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have accelerated the demise of blogging. Many people prefer the ubiquitous and transient nature of exchanges on Facebook and Twitter while blogs are regarded as static, and somewhat, convoluted.

It may be good at this point to revisit the definition of blog: according to Wikipedia, a blog (a contraction of the term “web log“) is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. “Blog” can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog. Continue reading

Bonne Année: 2010

Bonne Année 2010.  Another year, and hopefully an opportunity for a new awakening. For me 2010 marks my first decade in the work world, and the story has not be full of joy. If anything, the past decade has been full of challenges. Much of my work life in particular has been full of ups and downs and I feel that I never really found my groove.

I do know one thing: I love writing.

I celebrated the coming of 2010 in a Parisian Metro sitting next to an old woman who gleamed: “Bonne Anne” at me and melted my heart. As I looked at my watch to confirm the time, the driver announced over the PA system that the new year had come. I mulled over the event of my last day of 2009 with a squint over my face. The last day of 2009 found me flying from Africa (Johennesburg) to Europe (Paris) via the Middle East (Dubai).

In Dubai, I had a seven-hour lay over, and I spent most of it online, surfing the web, writing emails and looking for jobs. While sitting at the airport a Nigerian couple approached me; they were travelling to Paris for their honeymoon and apparently had failed to book into a hotel.

I found myself having to help them up to the point of looking for a hotel in Montparnasse in Paris; and only headed to my rented apartment in La Defence at about 1130. Anyway, I am looking forward to 2010; I hope that its a year that will bring the realization of dreams that I have held for so long. Continue reading

The IPS Method

ipsMY inner search for a job that is in tune with my style has been sending me on voyages of all kinds online. In fact, just writing that, I feel I have hit somewhere: being online for me is a trip. I get transported into so many worlds. And its always an intelectual feast to find something compelling, well written and presented.

While there is no doubt that the internet is the greatest available real estate for all human beings, the only way to make your real estate count is to make it beautiful. It boils down to format, tone, language, design, reliability, presentation, consistency. The old qualities, the traditional stuff that made print media what it became in our daily lives are still very important to the new age type of communication.

Anyway, the purpose of this blog today is to share with you a site that I bumped into during my visits online. First, a disclaimer. After years of wanting to get into publishing school and not getting there, and feeling so torn inside about it I feel that there is a seismic shift happening inside me.

An unearthing of some sort. Maybe its because I havent been writing that much. Bu whatever it is, I am beginning to get drwan towards corporate communications. I have been in the non-profit sector ever since I entered the work world, and to be frank, its all been hogwash. Continue reading