Why I may become a 21st Century Vegan

First, I must make a full confession: I have never really cared about my health.


Let me be blunt – I don’t really make a conscious choice to take care of my nutrition. I eat anything that comes along, and as long as I don’t get sick, so be it.


But the thought to become more involved in determining my health status has been slowly rising from within the depths of my being.


Much of it has been inspired by some readings that I have done of late. I have always regarded vegans with something of awe.



I secretly think vegans are really cool people, making a conscious effort to look after their health.


As I am writing, the thought of bacon is wiggling at the back of my mind. Indeed, I love bacon especially the way it sizzles on the tongue, and its crumply taste is already filling my mouth.


More seriously, I really want to start taking care of my health – I want to be able to consciously determine what goes into my digestive system.


I don’t think continuing down this pathway of eating whatever is available; including all the meats of the world is necessarily the best.


So where do I start. I suppose my main motivation on why I may choose to become vegan will be for the sake of my health.


I have had my fair share of meat blood. God, I can’t imagine how much I have contributed to the deaths of so many lives in the animal kingdom.


So if I choose to become vegan, it will certainly be for moral and ethical reason around the butchering of animals.


But what I am really worried about is if I choose to become vegan, what will happen to the rights of the vegetables of the world. I strongly believe that vegetables have rights too.


This is a moral minefield that I will have to define for myself as I choose to embark on the journey to become a vegan.


After all, we are what we it. Most of us are walking packed with toxics that could blow at any point.


As I have turned round into the 30s stretch, I can’t continue to pummel the only body I have.


Even the binges have to be dropped altogether so that I can embark on refueling myself – cleaning myself in preparation to take my position in the magic of life.


Choosing to be a vegan will be a significant marker of change in my existence. It should be fun, and I would like to let you know through these pages the beauty, and challenges of that journey.


O, it could actually become the basis of a book. Who knows?


As my first step, I popped into veggieglobal.com to check out what they say about all this.


And this is what they had to say. To be veggie:

  • No meat
  • No fish
  • No fish eggs (fish are killed to collect them)
  • No cheese with animal rennet
  • No wines, beers or spirits with animal-derived fining agents or coloring
  • No food products with gelatine (parts of hooves and legs of horses and cows)
  • No food with animal-derived ingredients and colours (see nutrition site)
  • No new leather (but best none at all)
  • No fur
  • No silk

 And … if you really want to be a well-tuned-in 21st century veggie, make a conscious effort not buy foods that destroy precious animal habitats.


This includes foods with palm oil – produced by flattening rain forests and in turn killing thousands of primates and other animals (see more here). 


Well, welcome to my desired vegan world.