The internet is undergoing a dramatic visual and structural shift. We want to stay ahead of the cusp. In that spirit, this page is a playground. We want to offer immediate and intuitive options for the right users at the right time. The modern internet is driven by design. We want to create a site and applications that are devoid of clutter and complication.The hallmark characteristics will be feed-based content and mobile-first design that adds value to the user experience through high-quality content.


Feed-based layouts is the most efficient way to take in content on a phone and the best way to keep a site’s homepage fresh on any platform. The design will emphasize simplicity and functionality, boiled down to the essential. Overall, the platform will have a cohesive look across desktop, mobile and tablet, but feel individually constructed for each device.

The platform will embrace clean design that enhances rather than takes away from user experience. Every pixel will be brought to work to boost user participation and interactivity.

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